Software Defined Scale Out NAS

Get both High Availability and Real-time Performance
at only Half the Cost

Scalable to Hundreds of Petabytes

By simple addition of servers
No disruption of service and QoS
With linear increase in performance

Real-time Performance

High IO throughput & low latency on any workload (small files, random IO, 4K blocks)
Innovative metadata architecture designed for high speed parallel Search / Sort / Processing on files

Strong Data Protection

Fault Tolerance in transparent mode on servers and disks: erasure coding applied to 100% of files
Data integrity checking & self healing

Cost Savings

No trade-off on performance and data protection
Improved reliability without data replication (50% volume savings)
Pay-as-you-grow model


Software Defined

Licensed per nodes
No vendor lock-in

Ready to Use

Optional tailored packages

No Change to

Standard FS, any OS

Linear Increase
in Performance

More nodes, better performance

Node Addition without

No disruption of service and QoS

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Standard & simple procedures
Standard management APIs

Multiple Deployment

Mono or multi-site
With or without Geo-replication, converged infrastructure or not

Advanced technology

Flash-ready, up to 100 GigE

What makes RozoFS unique

What is happening today in the storage world looks paradoxical.

On the one hand, architectures are greatly impacted by the explosion of data volumes stored in datacenters. As a consequence, « Scale-out-NAS » emerged, a new standard focused on delivering scalability. With Scale-out-NAS, came “Erasure Coding” (EC), a mechanism that halves the volume of data stored when high availability is required.  But EC has a well-known drawback: a significant reduction of the performance.

On the other hand, most applications still require the exact same essential capabilities as before: a standard file system interface, real-time access performance to any file whatever its size or usage, hardware fault-tolerance and data integrity protection. These core requirements need to be delivered at a controlled cost and volume.

Our vision is that a mature Scale-out-NAS architecture should offer these essential capabilities while providing of course the necessary scalability level and volume savings to cope with today’s world.

That is why the Rozo Systems team chose a different approach when designing its Scale-out-NAS solution: instead of simply adding a standard EC mechanism to our system, we built an original EC mechanism.  We designed our Erasure Coding in such a way that it accelerates IO performance instead of reducing it.  It delivers the four essential features required by most applications, namely a real file system delivering real-time performance, hardware fault tolerance along with a high level of data protection, all at a controlled cost.

The only scale out NAS to offer both
high availability and real-time performance at half the cost

RozoFS Use Cases

Science &

Real-time Performance

Transparent to Failures

Scaling without Performance Degradation


Media &

Real-time I/O Access

Transparent to Failures

Outstanding Parallel



Real-time Performance

High Availability in Mission Critical Environment

Linear Scaling in
Performance and Capacity

Ready for Future Changes
in Technology or Configuration

Our Mission

Deliver superior performance, high resiliency and low cost for petabytes multi-user storage systems.

To achieve this mission, Rozo Systems benefits from an experienced team that combines talents from the high-tech industry and research labs, and from the support of its investment partners Nestadio Capital and Ouest Angels Capital.

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Integrator Partners

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